So Why Learn French?

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear yourself speak this melodious language that has enticed over 200 million people in 54 countries worldwide? Why should you be left behind?

Imagine the possibilities if you learn French online, from sipping café lates to oh là làs, this is the international language when it comes to food, fashion, theatrical visual arts, dance and architecture. A knowledge of French offers access to all these great works of literature that are full of passion and those expressed in films and songs.  Imagine visiting the Louvre, Versailles or Aix en Provence, and being able to move comfortably and effortlessly through the surrounding environment, as you impress your spouse or friends with your ability to speak French.

It is the language for almost everything you can imagine- job market, culture, travel, higher education and international relations.  Keep in mind that even beyond travel and culture, French is one of the five official languages of the UN and is one of the most widely used language in the diplomatic world.

PJ all countries speaking French1 Learn French Online

Map of all the countries in the world that speak French as one of their official national languages.

The French economy is also the second largest in Europe, and France is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, meaning that multinational companies of all types have offices in France.

Learning to speak French will open up a whole new world for you- new friends, new jobs, maybe even new relationships especially if you are thinking of a lengthy stay in Paris.  Imagine spending a year in Paris as part of a college study abroad program, or perhaps you will buy a little pied-à-terre in Paris’ Latin Quarter as a second residence for retirement. 

Let Pajama Tutors’ teach you how to speak French- the right way. We’ll give you tips on how to pronounce, enunciate and deliver French words and phrases as they should be spoken- effortlessly and with sangfroid!